#6: Midterm Art Pass

Pretty much everything about the game is the same, I just added models to everything so it's not just generic capsules and cubes and spheres anymore. The only problem I've run into is when I reload the scene after the player loses, none of the lighting renders for the newly reloaded scene.  Additionally, textures refuse to show up on any models which I'm pretty sure is just me being stupid, so I'll look into that further for polish. For now, all models are colored with generic lambert materials. Additionally for polish, I'm planning on adding some dynamic camera movement when the player turns to make whatever's ahead of the player more seeable and to add some juice to that delicious game feel. Maybe I'll also add particle effects as feedback for player input. Depends on how quickly I can figure that out before Thursday. I think I should be able to. Maybe.


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things to do:

1. texture things

2. win state reload scene

3. camera lerp

7. pizza ball

4. particle effects?

5. retune physics?

6. procedural water???

 🐕 good job

Ok update: the lighting looks fine once the game is exported to WebGL, so scratch that whole thing about it being dumb. Looking forward though, I should probably make the game reloadable after the player wins, too. Will add that in polish.