#5: Midterm Iteration

Keeping the core concept the same, I've added to the dog's AI so that it's not just one line of code; now it moves forwards in spurts (rather than continuously) and it changes directions sporadically to make the player's life more difficult. Additionally, I've made the island bigger for players that would have a hard time learning the controls and need a larger space to figure that out. While playtesting in this new space, however, I noticed how hard it was to determine where on the island you were relative to the dog house and the edge of the cliffs, so I decided to add trees to give better perspective and spacial awareness.

As far as actual gameplay goes, a lot of physics overhauls and tweaking occurred to both make the physics work the way I wanted it to and then to make the game actually playable. What I found was that after I had made everything function so that the dog would pull the player around and the player could pull back, it was almost impossible to reach the goal of getting the dog into the dog house unless it was by blind luck because of the unpredictable nature of the dog's movements coupled with the incredible force with which it was pulling the player. Thus, I dialed back the strength of the forces in play to give the player more control, leaving the game to be more or less the player moving the dog around (as opposed to it being the other way around in the previous iteration), and the real challenge being in managing the player's own force (instead of managing the dog's force against the player) and the dog's sporadic movements. With this, I have consistently been able to achieve the win condition within the scope of two to five minutes, making the game playable without compromising my work with the physics or the core idea of the game.


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👍 game feels good